12 Success Talks

Discussion Guide 

For Intentional Parents

Get FREE access to a collection of must-have conversations that every family should have with their child.


You want to see your child succeed.


Imagine if your child could have exactly what they want in life.

Let's be honest.  When it comes to our children it is easy to get caught up in the here and now.  And with tight schedules and the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to forget to talk to our kids about the future. Our Discussion Guide helps you and your child stay on track for success.




What will your family do together?

Consider using the guide for any of the following purposes:


Focus on Self-Awareness & Relationship-Building​


To lead others, your child must first know who they are and/or want to be to connect with common interests and shared values.


Focus on Visioning, Goal Setting and Decision Making


Your child will explore their desired future and set important goals while turning talk into action by supporting positive habits.


Focus on Future Growth


Your child will focus on activities to have a better direction by connecting career and college readiness to achieve their future goals.


Focus on Ongoing Achievement

Your child will implement plans for the future that involve the skills they explored. 

Leadership Development

Leadership starts at home! Your child will prepare for future SUCCESS!

Take a look inside...


"I saw a change in my son as he participated in the program. He valued himself and others more than before. I appreciated this change as he was struggling."

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