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SHIELD volunteers posing at orientation with two youth.

Many of our students come from at-risk communities. The most effective intervention for at-risk youth is to provide them with a caring, adult mentor.


Young people who are mentored are more likely to:

  • Stay in school and graduate

  • Avoid substance abuse

  • Enroll in college

  • Become community leaders

We help youth soar high!

According to MENTOR, a national mentoring organization, there are more than 14 million young people who need caring adults in their lives.

Mentors change lives by...

  • Supporting positive behavior

  • Reducing dropout rates

  • Promoting academic excellence

  • Discouraging gang/criminal involvement

Mentored youth...

  • Have a higher school-attendance record and academic performance

  • Are more likely to go on to higher education

  • Respond more positively to their teachers and parents

  • Are more comfortable communicating with their parents and society

  • Receive more emotional support from their friends and peers

  • Have a greater feeling of self-worth

  • Understand how academics ultimately influence and relate to the professional world


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