(for new youth participants)

Fall 2021 SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy Flyer

The 2021 SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy is going virtual, offering a 12-week leadership intensive program to bring together parents, youth, and families that are interested in strengthening and empowering a strong community.


The 12-week Fall Program is structured around talks, panel discussions, live events, and group discussions around a variety of predetermined topics.

We are now accepting applications for new youth participants.

*** Participation fee assistance is available based upon financial need. Please email for more information. ***

SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy Awards Ceremony Photo

SHIELD Mentor Program is committed to giving our youth leadership development skills to succeed in life.  Together, youth and adult volunteers participate in interactive workshops, team-building exercises, leadership development, and focus on a specific theme, such as goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution, effective communication, and teamwork.  The youth mentoring program allows youth to develop a personal plan for success through fun, interactive learning sessions with peers.


All of our programs and activities are based on the following key programs:

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(for returning youth participants)

The SHIELD Experience Infographic

Our youth participants will go through the life cycle of the eagle as they develop from childhood into adulthood. Youth participants are able to earn badges and move up in the organization based on completion of the following stages.



(for parents of 4th - 12th graders)

12 Success Talks Discussion Guide

Intentional Parenting is a way to raise your child to become a healthy, independent young adult.  We build a community designed to provide intentional parents with the resources, tools, and community to uplift and motivate their families for success.

The conference is virtual, but the life-changing benefits are REAL! We will connect parents with experts to walk us through our 12 Days of Success Talks Discussion Guide for Intentional Parents.

Join our community of support for youth, parents, and families!

SHIELD parents during orientation walking across UNCG campus.
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Focus on Self-Awareness & Relationship-Building​

To lead others, our youth will develop who they are and/or want to be to connect with common interests and shared values.

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Focus on Visioning, Goal Setting and Decision Making

Our youth will explore their desired future and set important goals while turning talk into action by supporting positive habits.

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Focus on Future Growth

Our youth will focus on activities to have a better direction by connecting career and college readiness to achieve their future goals.

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Focus on Ongoing Achievement

Our youth will implement plans for the future that involve the skills they explored. The program concludes with the planning and implementation of social change. 

Leadership Development

Due to COVID-19, we are offering our programs 100% virtual until further notice.