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SHIELD Youth Participant Writing in the SHIELD Portfolio

At SHIELD Mentor Program, we recognize the unique needs of minority elementary, middle, and high school youth who are seeking to expand their strengths and develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for both short and long-term success. Our program operates within a comprehensive logic model, guided by a clear understanding of inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes that drive positive change.

Inputs: We leverage various resources to fuel our mission. This includes grants, donations, and financial support from diverse sources, as well as in-kind contributions. We build strong partnerships with referral sources, including parents, and prioritize evaluation, accountability, and monitoring through robust plans. Our dedicated staff possesses relevant qualifications and experience, supported by administrative functions such as finance and grant writing. Adequate facilities and cutting-edge technology enable us to deliver our programs effectively.

Activities: Our program thrives on a range of carefully designed activities that empower youth. We provide extensive training, supervision, and professional development opportunities for our program staff, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary knowledge in areas such as youth development, group dynamics, and cultural competence. From recruitment and screening of youth to regular team meetings for program monitoring, we ensure a comprehensive approach. We facilitate orientation sessions for both youth and parents to introduce them to the SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy (SSLA) and set clear roles and expectations. We form mentoring groups that consider the mix of youth risk and protective factors and establish Eagle Merit Program (EMP) cohorts based on grade levels. Our ongoing support for mentors and youth involves skill-building activities focused on a growth mindset, entrepreneurship, community action, goal setting, academic self-efficacy, and finding meaning and purpose. Program-wide events such as field trips, team-building exercises, and leadership development activities further enrich the experience. We prioritize match closure support and maintain diligent monitoring and evaluation processes to assess program implementation, mentoring relationship development, and youth outcomes.

Outputs: Our impact is evident through the measurable outputs we achieve. These include the hours of staff training, supervision, and professional development completed, as well as the number of youth recruited and enrolled in our program. We form SSLA and EMP mentoring groups, ensuring their proper formation and active participation in program activities. Our success is reflected in the percentage of youth attending the minimum number of group sessions, reporting a positive sense of belonging, expressing high satisfaction with the program, and experiencing a positive group climate.

Outcomes: Through our logic model, we drive both short and long-term outcomes for youth. In the short term, we aim to enhance community action/advocacy skills, develop entrepreneurship skills, foster interpersonal skills, and establish connections with prosocial peers and adults. We measure positive changes in academic self-efficacy, self-esteem, goal-setting, pursuit, and reductions in risk factors such as truancy, depression/anxiety, and deviant peer association. In the mid-term, we strive for an improved social and academic engagement at school, enhanced grades, hopeful future expectations, increased perseverance, and a strong belief in control of future success. We address adaptive difficulties and problems related to truancy, academic issues, and symptoms of distress. In the long term, our focus lies in facilitating healthy and successful transitions for youth, resulting in increased willpower, high school graduation rates, college graduation rates, and overall professional and personal success.

Key Assumptions: Our logic model is grounded in the understanding that external factors, such as school misbehavior/discipline referrals, suspension, expulsion, and general economic conditions, influence the trajectories of youth. We recognize that addressing these factors alongside our program interventions is crucial to achieving lasting change.

Join us in our mission to empower minority youth by becoming a partner, donors, or volunteer. Together, we can make a lasting impact and transform the lives of young individuals who deserve every chance to thrive. Contact us today at to learn more about how you can get involved with the SHIELD Mentor Program and be a part of our journey towards a brighter future for all.

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