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Young people sitting listening to a public speaker in a classroom.
SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy

The SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy


A 12-week leadership intensive program for youth and their families

- NOW OPEN TO 4th - 12th GRADERS

Empower Your Child's Journey to leadership Excellence!

Are you ready for your child to have a roadmap for success? We believe that every young person has the potential to become a confident and influential leader. Together, let's bring your family vision to life!

Our program offers a unique blend of in-person and mentoring sessions, designed to provide your child with the guidance and support they need to excel. With SHIELD Mentor Program, your child can attend sessions from anywhere, every Saturday, and benefit from the opportunity to communicate, network, and make connections with mentors and peer mentees. They will also participate in real-time discussions during live sessions, fostering a vibrant and interactive learning environment.


Youth who participate in the program will:

❖ develop valuable leadership skills

❖ observe the qualities of communication, teamwork and leadership in their environment

❖ understand the difference between leadership and power

❖ achieve an enhanced sense of self and the impact one can have on the community

❖ gain confidence in communication and public speaking

❖ learn more ways to be involved and make a difference

❖ gain new friends and connections

The program fee covers a comprehensive range of benefits for your child. For the cost of participation, your child will receive mentoring from volunteer college students and experienced professionals, a stylish t-shirt to represent their journey, a journal to document their growth, a certificate of completion to celebrate their achievements, and online access to the SHIELD Online Community for the entire 12-week program. We believe in providing a holistic experience that equips your child with valuable skills and lasting memories.
Give your child the opportunity to unlock their leadership potential and embark on a transformative journey. Join the SHIELD Mentor Leadership Program for Youth today! Together, let's empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Join our SHIELD Family - In 3 Easy Steps

Are you interested in Fee Assistance/Discounts?

At the SHIELD Mentor Program, we understand that financial constraints should not be a barrier to accessing our program. We offer participation fee assistance based on financial need. If you require assistance, please email us at, and our team will be happy to provide you with more information.

Fee Assistance

Fee assistance is available based on financial need. We try to accommodate as many spots as possible. Please complete the online form for consideration. Limited funds are available.


Sibling Discounts

Participants with an immediate family member living in the same household and submitting their applications will be eligible for a sibling discount. It would be best if you informed us in writing ( that you are interested in the sibling discount for more details.


Early Bird Application Discounts

We offer early application discounts. To be eligible for the discount, the online portion of the application must be complete. To be eligible for the discount, the online portion of the application must be completed by the deadline to receive the nonrefundable registration fee of $75 ($100 OFF). 

Curriculum Topics

Session 1: Getting Started

Session 2: Self-Awareness 

Session 3: Relationship-Building 

Session 4: Vision Your Future 

Session 5: Goal Setting

Session 6: Aligning Behaviors

Session 7: Career Exploration

Session 8: Connecting with Education 

Session 9: Leadership Training

Session 10: Problem-Solving

Session 11: Social Change 

Session 12: Closing Ceremony 

SHIELD youth participant sitting with her mentor.

Application Fee


SHIELD youth participant gives us a thumbs up.



You want to see your child succeed.


How the SHIELD Mentor Program Builds Leadership Skills

Develop a positive attitude

Identify personal values and goals

Be open to new ideas

Use creative problem-solving strategies

Be an attentive listener

Ask assertive questions

Be an independent thinker

Recognize his or her individual strengths

Develop self-confidence

Take risks

Be aware of their environment

Have flexible attitudes

Your child will:

What will participants do together?


Our mentoring topics and discussions focus on the following purposes:


Focus on Self-Awareness & Relationship-Building​

To lead others, our youth will develop who they are and/or want to be to connect with common interests and shared values.


Focus on Visioning, Goal Setting and Decision Making

Our youth will explore their desired future and set important goals while turning talk into action by supporting positive habits.


Focus on Future Growth

Our youth will focus on activities to have a better direction by connecting career and college readiness to achieve their future goals.


Focus on Ongoing Achievement

Our youth will implement plans for the future that involve the skills they explored. The program concludes with the planning and implementation of social change. 

Leadership Development

Your child will prepare for future SUCCESS!

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