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The SHIELD Mentor Program Logo

Note: The word "SHIELD Mentor Program" and the wordmark logo are registered trademarks of the SHIELD Mentor Program.

The SHIELD Mentor Program logo is a key building block of the visual identity of our organization and is the primary visual element. The logo should never be embellished, outlined, or altered in any way. You can find the approved version below.

We invite you to take the logo and work it into your own designs, but we do ask that you use the logo respectfully and comply with our Brand Guidelines.

Speakers and Session Recording

When you agree to speak at a SHIELD event, you consent for your talk to be recorded in audio and possibly video format. All speakers will be asked to review and accept the speaker agreement published online. 

We reserve the right to publicly distribute and publish these recordings under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Your session material, including content and recordings, may be used in various promotions or for other related endeavors. This material may also appear on the website, social media channels, or other digital mediums controlled by the SHIELD Mentor Program.

Participants may be recorded and their images captured via screenshot when actively taking part in a presentation. 

How to Opt-Out

If you do not wish images of yourself to be published, you may opt-out by contacting us at and best efforts will be done to accommodate your request.


Updated October 28, 2020

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