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Our mission is to Strengthen, Help, Inspire, and Encourage Leadership Development by delivering structured mentoring activities and programs for young people.


At SHIELD Mentor Program, a 501(c)3 organization, our vision is that all youth should be mentored. Youth live in a world full of wonderful opportunities; the goal is to give them proper guidance to obtain them. The need for leadership development is essential for every youth, despite their background. The structure of the mentoring programs creates an atmosphere that is designed to decrease limitations in the lives of young people to help them become more likely to fulfill their highest potential. 


The SHIELD Mentor Program was born from a passion for serving youth. In 2008, Precious McKoy founded the organization to provide leadership, character building, and educational resources to the underrepresented and underserved minority youth. The SHIELD acronym represents the 5 pillars of its curriculum: Strengthen, Help, Inspire, Encourage, Leadership Development.

As challenges arose, McKoy wanted to provide a space where young people could learn and grow into whom they desire to be. Experiential learning, community service, and group mentorship are important to the mentoring program model. These values reflect the way SHIELD's organizers and volunteers lead and provide an outlet for participants to engage in self-discovery.


The objective of the SHIELD Mentor Program is:

  • To help young people experience leadership development that can strengthen them as individuals.

  • To help young people define positive goals by establishing objectives toward an aspired future.

  • To help young people make positive choices.

Precious McKoy, Founder/Executive Director of the SHIELD Mentor Program with Youth Participants
SHIELD Youth Participant

The structure of the mentoring programs creates an atmosphere that is designed to decrease the limitations in the lives of youth to help them become more likely to fulfill their highest potential. Studies have shown that mentoring encourages positive choices, promotes high self-esteem, supports youth’s academic achievement, and inevitably introduces young people to new ideas that foster their visions and dreams. SHIELD measures success by the personal growth and development we see in participating SHIELD youth over time in our program measured by a participant’s ability to set goals and achieve them, share life experiences, make better decisions, have positive beliefs and values, to articulate amongst a group, etc.

SHIELD subscribes to the Elements of Effective Practice (EEP), research and evidence‐based standards and guidelines for the development and operation of safe and effective mentoring as developed by MENTOR including implementing practices around: recruitment of Mentors and Mentees, Mentor and Mentee screening, Mentor training, matching of Mentors to Mentees, monitoring, support, and closure.


SHIELD Youth Participant

Due to COVID-19, we are offering our programs 100% virtual until further notice.