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The SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy is the starting point for every young person in their journey with the SHIELD Mentor Program. It serves as a foundational program designed to ignite the leadership potential within each participant. Through this immersive and empowering experience, young individuals will embark on a transformative path of personal growth, skill development, and self-discovery. The Academy lays the groundwork for building essential leadership qualities, cultivating a strong sense of self-awareness, and fostering meaningful connections with mentors and peers. It is here that young leaders take their first steps towards unlocking their true potential and setting themselves on a path to becoming confident, influential individuals who will make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Our curriculum covers the following topics.

Session 1: Getting Started

In our first session, we'll set the stage for an incredible experience ahead. You'll meet your mentors and fellow participants, laying the foundation for a supportive and inspiring community.

Session 2: Self-Awareness

Discover who you are and what drives you. Through interactive exercises and self-reflection, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, values, and passions.

Session 3: Relationship-Building

Learn the art of building meaningful connections and fostering positive relationships. You'll develop essential interpersonal skills that will serve you well in all aspects of life.

Session 4: Vision Your Future

Visualize your future and set your sights on success. We'll guide you through exercises to help you define your goals and aspirations, providing a clear direction for your journey.

Session 5: Goal Setting

Transform your dreams into achievable goals. You'll learn effective goal-setting strategies and create an action plan to turn your vision into reality.

Session 6: Aligning Behaviors

Discover the power of aligning your actions with your goals and values. We'll explore behaviors that support your growth and success, equipping you with the tools for personal excellence.

Session 7: Career Exploration

Uncover a world of possibilities as we delve into various career paths. Through interactive activities, guest speakers, and real-world insights, you'll gain valuable insights into different industries and professions.

Session 8: Connecting with Education

Understand the vital role education plays in your personal and professional development. We'll explore opportunities for further education, scholarships, and resources to support your academic journey.

Session 9: Leadership Training

Step into your role as a leader. Through immersive activities and simulations, you'll develop critical leadership skills, including effective communication, decision-making, and teamwork.

Session 10: Problem-Solving

Sharpen your problem-solving skills and learn to overcome challenges with confidence. You'll engage in thought-provoking exercises that nurture your ability to find innovative solutions.

Session 11: Social Change

Discover the power of your voice and the impact you can make in your community. Explore social issues, learn about advocacy, and develop the skills needed to create positive change.

Session 12: Closing Ceremony

Celebrate your growth and achievements at our inspiring closing ceremony. You'll receive well-deserved recognition for your commitment to personal development and leadership.

Contact us at to learn more and join the SHIELD Saturday Leadership Academy.

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