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At the SHIELD Mentor Program, we are a remarkable all-volunteer organization fueled by the generosity and dedication of individuals like you. It is through the selfless contributions of our volunteers that we are able to make a transformative impact on the lives of youth in our community.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people? Do you want to contribute to their motivation, empowerment, and success? Join the SHIELD Mentor Program as a volunteer and be a guiding light for underrepresented and underserved youth in our community.

Who Volunteers with Us?

At the SHIELD Mentor Program, our volunteers play a critical role as both college mentors and professional mentors, providing invaluable guidance and support to the youth we serve.

As college mentors, our volunteers serve as relatable role models for young individuals who aspire to pursue higher education. They share their personal experiences, insights, and knowledge to help navigate the college application process, explore different educational pathways, and make informed decisions about their future. By establishing meaningful connections, our college mentors inspire and motivate youth to reach their academic goals, encouraging them to unlock their full potential and seize opportunities for growth.

Additionally, our dedicated volunteers also serve as professional mentors, leveraging their expertise and real-world experience to empower youth in their career development. Through one-on-one mentorship relationships, they provide guidance, advice, and valuable industry insights. Professional mentors help youth explore career options, develop essential skills, and navigate the professional landscape with confidence. By nurturing these relationships, our mentors create a supportive environment where youth can explore their passions, set meaningful career goals, and gain the necessary tools to succeed in their chosen fields.

Together, our college mentors and professional mentors inspire, guide, and empower young individuals, helping them build a solid foundation for their educational and professional journeys. Through their unwavering commitment, our volunteers have a profound impact on the lives of youth, shaping their futures and fostering a sense of hope and possibility.

Why Volunteer with Us?

At SHIELD Mentor Program, we believe that every young person deserves a supportive mentor who can help them unlock their full potential. By becoming a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of youth and contribute to positive change in our community.

What Does it Take to Be a Volunteer?

Being a volunteer is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, but it also comes with responsibilities. Here are some qualities we look for in our volunteers:

1. Passion for Youth Development: A genuine passion for supporting young people and a belief in their ability to succeed.

2. Commitment and Reliability: Dedication to being a consistent and reliable presence in a young person's life.

3. Active Listening and Empathy: The ability to listen attentively, understand their perspectives, and offer guidance and support.

4. Positive Role Model: Serve as a positive role model by demonstrating integrity, respect, and resilience.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability: Willingness to adapt to the needs and interests of your mentee and be open to new experiences.


What Can You Expect as a Volunteer?

As a volunteer with the SHIELD Mentor Program, you will have the opportunity to:

1. Make a Meaningful Impact: Inspire and empower youth to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

2. Build a Lasting Relationship: Develop a positive and supportive relationship with your mentee, serving as a role model and mentor.

3. Gain Personal Growth: Enhance your leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills while making a difference in someone's life.

4. Receive Training and Support: Participate in volunteer training programs and receive ongoing support from our team to ensure your success as a mentor.

5. Join a Community: Connect with other volunteers, share experiences, and be part of a supportive community dedicated to youth development.

Ready to Make a Difference?

If you're ready to embark on a rewarding journey as a volunteer and be a catalyst for positive change, we invite you to join the SHIELD Mentor Program. Together, let's empower youth, break barriers, and create a brighter future.

Take the first step and apply to become a volunteer today! Contact us at or fill out our online application form. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of young people in our community.


Please schedule an appointment to learn more about us. 


**A background check will be required to verify your identity. Please provide a photocopy of a photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport or a social security card.** 

Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee being selected. Part of the process of being selected is actively completing orientation and training. If an applicant is not selected, it is based on the availability of volunteer mentors in the program. SHIELD staff will review the volunteer applications and will respond to you over email regarding the status of your application.

Kalonji, volunteer with a mentee

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