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Precious McKoy, SHIELD Mentor Program Founder/Executive Director

Precious McKoy

✨✨ Author ✨ Nonprofit Executive ✨ Community Leader ✨ Parent & Youth Advocate ✨ Powerful Motivational Speaker ✨✨

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Are you ready to collaborate with our Executive Director at the SHIELD Mentor Program to provide the best guidance for transforming a young person's life trajectory? Nurturing the success, prosperity, and happiness of youth is a significant endeavor that requires dedicated effort. However, rest assured that you don't have to shoulder this responsibility alone. Let's join forces and make a lasting impact together.



Meet Precious McKoy, an advocate for children, families, and parents, with over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit community. Precious is the Founder/Executive Director of the SHIELD Mentor Program, a program that helps underrepresented and underserved minority youth facing adversity through leadership and mentorship programs.

Her deepest passion is to provide youth with the leadership development skills that they need to be successful in life by pursuing their personal goals and dreams. Precious's expertise focuses on youth development and adolescent issues, emphasizing mentoring relationships, community service, and experiential learning.

As an accomplished author, mompreneur, community leader, and youth advocate, Precious wrote "Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am," to inspire others to live a fulfilling life by demonstrating that there is life beyond trauma. Her labor of love continues to help

families in crisis improve their relationships with their children by having meaningful, difficult conversations.


Precious firmly believes that having a trusted person to talk to is key to a child's well-being, and she supports parents to position themselves as their child’s best advocate. With her advanced training for working with children, youth, and families impacted by adverse childhood experiences, Precious has the expertise to make a positive impact on families' lives.


Precious is the go-to person to help parents advocate for their children as they find their purpose in life. Her approach is to impact youth one decision at a time, to shape their character and guide them towards positive behaviors. With her lifelong passion project, SHIELD, she has made a significant impact on the lives of young people in the community. Reach out to Precious at to learn more about her work and how she can support your efforts.

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​Some engaging topics for Precious McKoy to speak about include:

  • Growth Mindset: Unleashing the Power Within

  • Youthpreneurs: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Youth

  • Youth Advocacy: Amplifying the Voices of the Next Generation

  • The 4 P's to Purpose: Discovering Passion, Potential, Purpose, and Persistence

  • Leadership: Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Resiliency: Overcoming Challenges and Bouncing Back Stronger

  • The Middle Child Advantage: Embracing Unique Opportunities for Personal Growth

  • Success Defined by You: Redefining Success on Your Own Terms

  • Youth Engagement: Empowering Youth to Shape Their Communities

  • Working Today for Tomorrow: The Importance of Early Job Experiences in Youth Development

  • Mental Health and Well-being: Addressing the importance of mental health awareness, self-care, and building resilience among youth.


  • Staff Development Trainings: Empowering staff members in youth-serving organizations and educational institutions through valuable insights and strategies.

  • Child Advocacy Trainings: Equipping professionals in child advocacy and social services with the knowledge and perspectives needed to support young individuals effectively.

  • Youth Conferences: Inspiring and guiding youth through practical advice, motivation, and direction.

  • Youth Life Skills Workshops: Equipping young individuals with essential skills for personal growth, resilience, and success.

  • Graduation Ceremonies: Providing motivational messages to graduating students as they embark on their next chapter.

  • All Girls Retreats: Empowering young women with leadership skills and personal growth opportunities.

  • Panels: Offering valuable insights and diverse perspectives for engaging discussions on youth development and advocacy.

  • High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools: Tailoring messages to different age groups to foster character development, resilience, and motivation among students.


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