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We invite you to get connected with the SHIELD Online Community!

The SHIELD Online Community is a registration-only online mentoring platform where youth, parents, and families meet via any device.


Youth participants will have the opportunity to interact with their mentors and other youth members on the online mentoring platform. Mentors will post at least one activity per week for youth to watch interactive videos and download activity sheets. The goal is to get youth participants thinking about their individual potential, interacting with peers, and engaging in group activities online.


Parents/Guardians/Caregivers are strongly encouraged to participate with their youth in the SHIELD Online Community. By signing up as a registered user on the SHIELD Online Community, families may view the posted activities and comment in the online forum/comments section.

SHIELD youth participant during a Saturday session.


(ages 12 and under)

Youth ages 12 and under are welcome to join our SHIELD Online Community with parental permission.

SHIELD youth participant during the awards ceremony.


(ages 13 and up)

Youth ages 13 and up are welcome to join our SHIELD Online Community.

SHIELD Parents touring UNCG's campus


Find like-minded families by connecting with them on the SHIELD Online Community.

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