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Virtual Mentoring Session Update

Updated: May 24, 2021

Greensboro, NC, February 27th, 2021 – It has been a while, so we have a lot to catch up on! Over the past few weeks, the mentors and mentees have gotten to know each other very well. They have already covered the first three topics: self-awareness, relationship building, and envisioning their future. These three mentoring sessions always help mentors, and mentees get to know each other to form healthy bonds.

Our last session focused on thinking about one’s future. The lovely Kenya Downing welcomed everybody in on the right tunes for the kids to laugh and party to as we started Saturday off right! Once we got everybody to join our virtual meeting, we started with our ice breaker. As a group, mentees went around and said their name, favorite season, and highs and lows of the week. Our mentors like to focus on how everybody is doing and what we can do to improve our week. As everybody talked about their specific events in the week, we listened and tried to see if our mentees were in a good headspace.

The facilitator moved the mentees to break-out rooms where our mentors guided them to talk more about their futures to move along with such a wonderful Saturday. Mentors asked specific questions on how mentees can succeed with their goals to think about what they can do to ensure they continue to stay focused on their dreams. As the group finished the breakout room discussions, mentors and mentees were guided back to the larger group. As everyone came back together, Meghan Goldman led the Black History Month trivia group to bring joy and fun to the session. Mentees answered questions about black history to make sure they captured the true meaning and knowledge of black history as a whole!

The overall session was excellent. The kids did a fantastic job participating and making sure they understood the material. Next week we are going to focus on Goal Setting!

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