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Meet Cheryl

1.) How did you get involved with mentoring?

I first got involved with the SHIELD Mentor Program by chance. Through conversation, it was suggested that I attend a "recruitment" like session for Mentors at the Chavis Public Library because I had something to offer. I believe I joined SHIELD at the end quarter of 2012. I was excited because I was given yet another outlet to help our children. Not only to help build a dependent person, rather a strong, independent part, supportive of and a part of the whole.

2.) How does being a mentor assist you in your everyday life?

Mentoring also helps me fill a void, in that I have so much to give. Through knowledge, experience and love. I use to Teach and I've really haven't been fulfilled with what I do since. I'm a nurturing person and I see in today's society that our youth need as much as possible. Family units are strained due to many factors and sometimes our youth are short changed. Sharing with the youth not only enriches them, it enriches me also. Our children have so much to offer but only need someone to help them see, reach or obtain his/her potentials.

3.) What steps are you taking beyond mentoring to help those in your community?

Outside of Mentoring, I help the Elder and young parents in my community. It's not through an organization in which I help, but from the kindness of my heart. On my days off, I check with my Elderly friends to see if they need transportation, errand ran or merely friendly conversation & a few laughs. Truth be told, they enrich me with their wisdom on so many subjects and the humor is always a plus, lol. I help some young parents who really need mental guidance, sometimes financial at times. It's no news that many take on more than they can handle before they can handle it and all that it requires. It started with helping about two couples and a single mother. Next thing I know, my phone rings more and I never turn them down. We all need someone neutral to all to. Basically, I'm a giving person. I don't have much but what was afforded to me growing up....., It takes a village. Therefore, I do what's on my heart to do.

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