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Session 6: Aligning Behavior Recap

Today’s session started differently from the usual yoga session. The mentees were given time to finish their vision boards from the previous session.

The topic of discussion was about aligning behaviors. The session was led by SHIELD's very own founder, Precious McKoy. She began the session by having the youth participants started make a list of bad and good behaviors. Once the list was created, Precious asked the mentees if they most identified with the bad behaviors or good behaviors listed. She talked about how sometimes as individuals we can sit in negativity which can manifest into self-sabotaging behaviors. She explained that we should align ourselves more with those positive behaviors.

Precious then bought up the popular conversation of failing forward. While this was a learning point for the mentees, Precious, had a volunteer define what it meant to fail forward by sharing a story about a time when they had to fail forward.

One of the youth participants enthusiastically shouted, “But what about our environment?” Precious shared the importance of why someone’s environment shaped who they are, but it does not necessarily define who they might be. She explained how the environment we grow up in is a part of our culture and something to be proud of. Precious continued to explain the impact of the environment on the mentees as an individual. She also talked about how the mentees could start shaping their environments now.

To close the session the mentees randomly drew numbers in the order in which they would present their vision boards. The mentees then went up to present one by one.

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