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Meet Natalie

1.) How did you get involved with mentoring?

Initially, I got involved with mentoring when an executive director of a mentoring program came into my Abnormal Psychology class to speak about their mentoring program that they were bringing to the Greensboro area. At the time, it was the beginning of my sophomore year in college at North Carolina A&T and unfortunately I was not involved in any extracurricular activities, nor involved in the community. Therefore, I figured that becoming apart of an mentoring program would be a great way to get involved within the community, as well as, learn from the community due to the fact that I am from an entirely different region. After becoming involved with this mentoring program doing things such as tutoring, and leading group activities, I realized I truly enjoyed being of service to the youth.

2.) How does being a mentor assist you in your everyday life?

Being a mentor has provided me with the opportunity to develop my communication skills, expand my viewpoints, and consider new ways of approaching situations. It has increased my ability to motivate and encourage others and it has also been personally fulfilling to know that I've contributed to someones growth and development.

3.) What steps are you taking beyond mentoring to help those in your community?

Outside of mentoring, I am an active member of "Bombshells in Business", which is a student organization on the campus of North Carolina A&T, that aims to equip women with necessary experience to get their dream jobs. Last year, we participated in two big community service projects, one being hygiene kits for the homeless that we donated to urban ministries. Another project being a business clothes drive in conjunction with Association of computing machinery. Lastly, I am currently a sales associate at a retail store by the name of DTLR, in which, I am responsible for assisting customers find their desired look and or anyway they need while in the store. DTLR is extremely active within the community, in which they provide their employees with the opportunity and choice of doing the same,one opportunity being the Ronald McDonald House. Furthermore, on the last Sunday of each month, I get the pleasure of traveling to the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem from Greensboro and cooking warm, home cooked meals for the families during their stay.

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