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Self-Awareness & Relationship Building Sessions

The 2015-2016 program year kicked off with an orientation session on August 29th. Mentees, mentors & volunteers were presented with an overview of program objectives, curriculum and expectations. Precious McKoy, Executive Director & Founder, also explained the mentoring relationship and began to set expectations for mentee success. The early fall sessions focused on self-awareness with guest speaker Ms. Taunya Monroe, a "shepreneur" of Pearls of Wisdom Wellness. Mentees learned about personal hygiene, grooming techniques and the importance of their outward appearance. They also walked away with some great sample products! Looking good, smelling good and feeling good are all important characteristics of leaders.


Alana V. Allen, a community organizer and public relations professional, also joined SHIELD to develop a relationship with our program participants. Pictured to the right she is working with AJ and Markell to help them write empowerment and self growth affirmation statements. By late fall, the mentees were ready to dive into the relationship-building section of the curriculum. Kiera Hereford, Program Director, has been volunteering her time since 2014 and establishes strong bonds with all mentees. One that she has an especially strong bond with is Harmony, a current mentee. Although SHIELD’s curriculum is based on group sessions, mentees know that they always have the option of having private discussions when needed.

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